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Medical Schools

Medical Schools care about their students’ success. So does InsMed.

Our ‘low touch, high yield’ approach focuses on providing your students with high-quality information that is relevant to them during each of the crucial transition periods that occur during medical school.

We have created a suite of resources for schools to choose from when designing their tailored program. These resources include:

  • Designated Q&A sessions and/or webinars
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Ability to create online profiles for borrowers
  • Individual Counseling for students
  • Access to Case Studies
  • Institution-specific resources upon request

LCME/COCA in mind

InsMed understands it is extremely important to maintain accurate records of the efforts made by an institution to meet LCME/COCA standards and guidelines.
To help with this process, we will provide partner institutions with documentation and copies of:

  • Materials Used
  • Appointment Counts
  • Attendance Lists for webinars and sessions