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The balance of life, loans and beyond

Entering the professional workplace is difficult enough without the additional stress that can come with carrying student loan obligations. By identifying an appropriate student loan repayment option based upon your budget, career intentions and other individual specific criteria, InsMed is able to offer new professionals a holistic approach to short and long term repayment goals.

Our process for student loan counseling begins with an analysis of the financial factors specific to the individual borrower’s circumstances.


Our Loan Counseling Process

Understanding which loan repayment program is right for you involves more than just finding the lowest interest rate. It also encompasses knowing more about you and your family and how loan repayment fits in with long term goals. With this in mind, we have Three Steps we utilize to help create a sustainable path forward.

Discovery Phase:

The Discovery Phase is the first formal engagement with InsMed. During this period of time we get to know more about you and your priorities. The time and budgetary constraints of your household are considered very respectfully in order to determine when and how to best integrate your repayment plan.


After the Discovery Phase has been completed and we have a better understanding of the needs of your stakeholders, we create a program timeline.

Implementation Plan:

The last (but not final) stage of the process is the Implementation Phase. The repayment plan is now put into action: determination of how payments change, when forms need to be processed, and how payments align with other household changes. Finally, the plan has been implemented, but this is not the end of your relationship with InsMed Loan Advisory Services.

Our Long-term Commitment to You:

Things change…legislation changes…careers change… employers change.

By partnering up with InsMed Advisory Services, you have someone in your corner– ready to work with you to address the issues associated with student loan repayment as they arise.

As an added benefit, individuals who sign up for Individual Loan Counseling will be able to access premium content articles as they are posted.