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Residency Programs

InsMed is well aware of the challenges that accompany transitioning from student to resident physician.

Our resources can be tailored to a particular program or to an entire institution.

There are four distinct times that we can reach out to your current and future professionals:

Once a student has matched to a program, they will have questions about how the transition will look for their household.

GME programs can choose to offer incoming residents in-person or virtual sessions with one of InsMed’s financial counselors. This will give the incoming interns an opportunity to learn about how the transition will affect them and alleviate stress about their financial obligations or repayment.

Pre-Orientation services are meant to coincide with the June Orientation season when residents are transitioning from medical school to residency. During this time period, questions concerning repayment are the most common. InsMed can provide on-site counseling and webinars to help residents get a better understanding of their repayment options.

Post-Orientation services include financial wellness presentations and learning opportunities.

Examples of the sessions include financial literacy topics including Retirement Planning, Financial Jargon and Terms, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Real Estate, and other topics as requested. Other sessions include topics such as Relationships and Money, Behavioral Finance, Service Based Repayment Options, The Business of Medicine, and similar topics.